Protect Your Luscious Locks – Heat Protection Spray DIY

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Due to having Hashimoto’s Disease, my hair gets dry, damaged, and breaks easily. So I have to take extra precautions when applying heat to my hair. I actually do not blow dry my hair unless it is absolutely necessary. However, my hair is also naturally frizzy, coarse, and unevenly wavy. So I do need to use a flat iron or curling iron every day to avoid looking homeless. With that being said, I have hated every kind of thermal spray that I have tried. I have lost track of the brands I have tried and the amount of money I have poured down the drain.


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All Natural & Homemade Makeup Setting Powder

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The first time I used makeup setting powder I used Bare Minerals, and then Makeup Forever.

Talk about breaking the bank!

Then I switched to E.L.F because it is cheap and effective.

But the hippie in me wanted to find a homemade version.


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How to Bake Your Makeup for A Flawless Look

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So I’m sure everyone has heard of contouring, strobing, and baking when it comes to makeup application.  Of all 3 of these makeup application techniques, baking is by far my favorite.

So here is how to bake your makeup to look flawless, but not cakey.




Apply your moisturizer, primer, foundation, and eye makeup before starting the following steps.






You will start by applying your concealer.








Then blend into your skin evenly








Next you will spray a makeup sponge with a few sprays of setting spray. Then dip the sponge into your setting powder.















Next dab the powder onto your skin. Let it sit and dry on your face, or bake, for 5 minutes.






Dust off and blend with a clean makeup brush.

Apply the rest of your makeup and you are ready to take on the day!


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