Save Your Arms With This Carseat Arm Cushion

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Carseat Arm Cushion.jpg

Carrying a carseat in the bend of your arm can get quite painful, but sometimes you just have to.  This cushion will save your arms!

You will need:

Durable fabric
Sewing machine


First you want to measure how wide your handle is on your car seat.  Add about 2″ to this measurement to allow for a seam.  I cut my length at 14″.  You want to sew 3 sides so you have bag with one end open to add your stuffing.  After sewing your 3 sides turn the “bag” right side out.  Before you add your stuffing you want to sew a strip of velcro to the closed short end of the “bag”.

After sewing on one side of your velcro add your stuffing.  Be sure to not over stuff, other wise it the cushion will not properly wrap around the carseat carrier arm.


After adding your stuffing, sew the open end closed and sew on the other side of your velcro.


Last you will wrap it around your carseat carrier arm and secure with velcro.


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