Make Your Own Maternity Pants (And Spend The Extra Money On The Baby)

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Turn Any Pair of Pants Into Maternity Pants.jpg

When I started shopping for maternity clothes I realized how terrible the selection is.  And to make matters worse, that terrible selection was way over priced.  So I took matters into my own hands.

You will need:
Sewing machine
any pair of pants
stretchy t-shirt fabric (or an old oversized t-shirt)


First you want to cut the waistband off of your pants.

Next you want to measure around your belly where you want the top of your belly band to stop.  You will cut a piece of your t-shirt fabric at that length.  As far as the height of the fabric, measure from where the top of the denim lays on your pelvis (after you have cut off the waistband) to where you want the top of the belly band to lay on your belly.  You will sew this fabric into a circle.  Make sure the stretch of the fabric is on the long side.


Next you will pin the fabric to your pants.  You might have to stretch the fabric a little to get it to fit in line with the denim.  Make sure your pants are inside out and when you turn them right side out the belly band will be right side out as well.


Sew the band to your pants and turn right side out.  Voila!

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