How to Make an Infinity Scarf/Nursing Cover

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Since I found out I was pregnant and started working on my baby registry, I have become more aware of how expensive baby items are.
*insert emoji with empty bank account here*
So my frugal side decided to come out to play.

How to Turn a Scarf Into a Nursing Cover.jpg

If you already have an infinity scarf, then you are already done

All you need to do is unwrap one layer and you have a nursing cover.

But if you are like me and NONE of your scarves are infinity scarves, then you need to fix that.

The only thing you need to do is sew the two ends together.

It’s that easy!
You could even use liquid thread or fabric glue if you aren’t in the mood to pull out the sewing machine.

Once you have created a never ending circle of fabric from your scarf, you have your very own infinity scarf / nursing cover.

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