10 Things I Did Not Expect When I Got Pregnant

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When my husband and I decided to start trying for a family we imagined things going a lot differently.  We also did not expect it to happen so quickly.

So I’m just going to dive right into the 10 things that I did not expect when I got pregnant.

10 Things I Did Not Expect When I Got Pregnant

  1. People are all of a sudden interested.

As soon as I announced that I was pregnant, everyone wanted to give me some sort of attention.  When it comes to women who love attention, this is a bonus.  But I’m an introvert and this caused my anxiety to sky rocket at first.  I became a little irritable because those who never would give a thought to starting a conversation with me, all of a sudden became a modern day chatty Kathy.  I did have to ask for a little distance.  I understand everyone loves babies, but as an individual I just wasn’t ready for all of the attention.  5 months in and I’m starting to get used to it, but when it comes to people who don’t understand my personality, they feel offended.  There’s nothing like being stuck between a rock and a hard place.  You want to please everyone, but you also have to take care of yourself.

  1. Frequent trips to the restroom = meeting Fitbit goals.

I was always under the impression that the frequent urination thing didn’t start until the third trimester.  Boy was I wrong!  I work in a large building with multiple office spaces and a shared restroom in the middle of the building.  The owners/employees of the other offices probably think I’m crazy walking by their offices a dozen times a day on my way to the restroom.  Then my watermelon craving started, yikes!  But on the bright side, I’m meeting my Fitbit goals from all of the walking.

  1. My sleep patterns are all over the place.

I have Hashimoto’s so normally I have insomnia.  It will take me over an hour to fall asleep and it is often hard to stay asleep.  Then I was overcome by fatigue my first trimester.  I could’ve slept all day, and I could’ve fallen asleep anywhere.  Then the second trimester started and now I’m lucky to sleep 2 hours before I have hoist myself out of bed to pee.  The dog has actually gotten annoyed with me and either sighs at me or retreats to the couch.

  1. Don’t tell me I’m getting fat!

Yup, that happened…twice!  And one person didn’t even know I was pregnant!

Acceptable phrases: “You’re getting big”, “Your bump is growing”, and “baby is growing”

Or you can just keep your trap shut.

 5. Cravings
Someone please explain this to my husband.

One day while I was at work and the hubs had the day off, I had a craving for tacos.  Unfortunately I had already taken my lunch…yup, still hungry.  So I figured I would talk him into bringing me Chipotle at work.  He told me no because he was mowing the lawn.  Well I knew that he would be listening to Amazon Prime Music, and only one of us can use the app at a time.  So the hormones kicked in and I repeatedly kicked him out of the app until he finally gave up trying to listen to it.  If I can’t have tacos, then he can’t have his music. Lol.

  1. OMG, what stinks!?

I have become a bloodhound.  I can smell EVERYTHING and it’s gross.  The previous owners of our home must have smoked in the house.  All of the walls were washed and repainted before we moved in a few years ago.  But still, every once in a while I can smell the old stale nicotine in the walls.  My husband thinks I’m nuts.

  1. Baby brain is a real thing.

I have one of the most ridiculous memories.  I’m one of those people that used to burn a lot of CD’s back in the early 2000’s.  I would make random mixes and just label the CD with the month, year and genre.  I can still look at a CD and think back to what I was doing and who I was hanging out with in that month of that year and remember what songs are on the CD.  Creepy huh?  But then I got pregnant and lost the ability to remember where I put my cell phone 30 seconds ago.  I also lost the ability to do simple math.  My husband will never let me hear the end of this.

  1. For the love of God, I can’t stop sneezing.

So why didn’t anyone tell me that you pretty much have a mild cold the whole time you are pregnant?  I wake up every morning sneezing.  Everyone in my house, including me is annoyed.

  1. Adjusting to the weight gain.

I’ve always done a fairly good job at keeping my weight in check.  With Hashimoto’s my weight fluctuates easily.  Then I read I was only supposed to gain about 4lbs in the first three months, but I had already gained 10!  This is the most I have ever weighed in my life.  My knees hurt from adjusting to the extra weight, which of course makes it harder to workout sometimes.  I know I’m supposed to gain weight, but I still want to stay healthy.

  1. Remember that some women would do anything to feel like this for 9 months.

I do my best to make sure I do not overly complain and I refuse to say anything negative in regards to being pregnant.  My husband and I are fully aware of how lucky we were to get pregnant as quickly as we did.  And we are grateful that so far the baby is healthy.  We have watched couples go through month after month of heartbreak.

 So to the pregnant women reading this, remember every awful symptom is a blessing in disguise.

 To the women struggling to conceive, I’m sending good vibes your way!

 To any men reading this, women are tougher than you think so just feed her and tell her she’s pretty and you’ll be good.

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