Take Your Beauty Sleep To The Next Level With Silk

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Are you looking for an easy and low maintenance way to improve the quality of your hair and skin? The simple answer is Silk.


The benefits of sleeping on silk:

-Reduces the signs of aging and wrinkles.
-Makes your creams and moisturizers more effective. Cotton sucks all of the moisture out of your skin, while silk will not, thus making your skin clearer and smoother.
-Silk does not conduct heat and static electricity.
-Silk is hypoallergenic.
-Silk helps to retain moisture in your hair, prevent breaking, thinning and tangling.
-Silk helps to prevent frizz.

As soon as I learned about the benefits of silk I just had to get a silk pillowcase. Instead of buying one I decided to make one.

To make your own pillowcase it is very simple.

  1. Measure your current pillowcase and cut your silk to those measurements plus an extra inch on all sides for the seams.
  2. It is best to cut your silk so there is a fold on one side so you only need to sew two ends to create your pillowcase.
  3. I first hemmed one of the short ends.
  4. Then folded the fabric in half inside out and sewed one long end, and the short end without a hem.
  5. Turn right side out and voila!

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