Easy Homemade Eye Cream To Fight Dryness & Wrinkles

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I am constantly battling with oily skin. All while the skin around my eyes remains dry.

Regular moisturizer is not enough, but eye creams can get pretty pricey.

So I made this homemade eye cream.

eye cream


2 tbsp coconut oil
1 gel tab of primrose oil
1 tsp vitamin e oil
1 green tea bag


– Place all oils in a sauce pan.
-Tear open a green tea bag and dump leaves in saucepan.
-Simmer on low heat until coconut oil is melted.
-Continue to simmer for 1 minute.
-Strain oil into air tight container to remove tea leaves.
-Place container in fridge until it hardens.
-Use around your eyes at night and store in cool dry place.

The combination of Vitamin E, Coconut Oil, and Primrose Oil will lock in moisture, decrease the appearance of wrinkles and green tea helps to fight dark circles.

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