The Stress Free Way to Put On a Duvet

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Raise your hand if you HATE putting on your duvet cover.

After a trip to New Orleans with my in-laws, we all fell in love with the down comforters in our hotel. So for Christmas that year my Mother-In-Law bought us a down comforter as a gift. This meant we had to become part of the duvet cover world.

After the first couple of times of putting it on I grew to hate it, especially with a king sized bed.

Then my brother-in-law found an awesome how to video on you tube to make the process a thousand times easier.


Here is how you do the burrito method of putting on a duvet cover.

 First you want to lay your duvet cover out inside out with the opening at the bottom.



Next, lay your comforter directly on top of the duvet.


Go to the top of your duvet and begin to roll the comforter and duvet cover down together like you are rolling a burrito. Roll it all the way to the bottom.


Next, stick your hand in the bottom of the duvet and flip the corners completely over the rolled up comforter. Do this on both corners.


Now flip the rest of the cover over the entire roll and zip/button closed your cover.


Then unroll. Voila!


This method is a stress free time saver that will keep you from hating your down comforter. It definitely beats having half of your body shoved into the duvet while trying to push the comforter down in to the far corners of the duvet.

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