10 Reasons All-Inclusive Resorts Are Better Than Cruises

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Top 10 Reasons All-Inclusive Resorts Are Better Than Cruises

In 2014 I went on my first cruise. We did 5 days from New Orleans to Progreso and Cozumel with an excursion at Dzibilchaltun.

In 2015 my husband and I went to our first all-inclusive resort in Cancun with an excursion to Chichen Itza.

Within the first 24 hours of being at the all-inclusive resort in Cancun we began to list the reasons why we would never go on another cruise again.


So here’s the run down:

  1. You do not have to carry a cruise card and sign for every drink.

We had a thin, comfortable, waterproof bracelet put on upon arrival. This bracelet showed that we were staying at the resort, proving that we were worthy of receiving free food and drinks.

On a cruise you are required to carry a card that is linked to your credit card. You have to swipe it for almost everything. Your food is included on a cruise, but only coffee, water and tea are included for drinks. Every adult beverage and soda is extra. Even when you purchase the outrageously priced drink program you still have to swipe your card to keep track of your daily allotment of drinks.

You also have to keep on mind the fine print on the drink programs on cruises. Through carnival, if you purchase the CHEERS program, all of the people staying in your cabin also have to purchase it. So here’s the price in 2014 for 2 people on a 5 day cruise = $500!!! And you have a limit of 14 drinks per day, can only order 1 at a time, and there must be 5 minutes between each drink order.

At an all-inclusive there is no extra pricing, no cruise card, and no limit. If I wanted to walk up and order 3 mojitos, I could. Of course, if you are acting like a fool they have the right to cut you off.



  1. You are not confined to a boat.

You are free to come and go as you please. We really did not feel the need to leave the resort, but you do not feel that sense of confinement in the middle of an ocean. For those who battle with motion sickness, you no longer have to worry.


  1. You can enjoy extensive luxury beach time.

While on a cruise you have limited time to enjoy the sand between your toes. You are only at port for a short period of time. If you do an excursion that does not include beach time, then you can kiss your beach time good-bye.

Not only did we spend every day at the beach while at the all-inclusive resort, but they also serve drinks on the beach. There was a swim up bar in the middle of the pool, and 2 more bars near the beach. There were waitresses all day walking in the sand to take your order and deliver your drinks. And tips are optional. Tips are included in your resort package. At some resorts they are not allowed to accept tips and at others it is optional.


  1. You can still do excursions.

So what if you still want to get out, do excursions, and see the culture?

You can still do excursions at an all-inclusive resort. We were given countless options in Cancun. We chose to do a 12hour excursion to Chichen Itza, a local cenote, and a beautiful village. This 12 hour excursion that included 2 meals, endless drinks, admission to the ruins, transportation, and a guided tour was only $100 a person.

When we did the 4 hour excursion in Progreso from our cruise in 2014 it included a couple of drinks, admission and transportation for $90 a person. Huge difference!



  1. You do not feel rushed to see everything.

While on a cruise you have limited time at each port. If you are not back to the ship in time, they LEAVE you! I get anxiety just thinking about being left somewhere far from home with limited options. So the second you step off the ship, you are on the clock and in a rush to see as much as possible!

With an all-inclusive you can see everything at your own pace. Of course if you are on an excursion there is a bit of a time limit, but at least you can get back to your hotel.


  1. More pool space!

I don’t know about other cruises, but when it comes to the cruise that I was on, the pool was always packed! I also cannot vouch for every all-inclusive resort. But the pool was never once over crowded while we were there.



  1. EVERYTHING is included; no need to pay extra for certain drinks.

While at the all-inclusive resort we had the best coffee we’ve ever had, endless tropical adult beverages, beer, soda, and tea. All of this without having to pay extra.


  1. Bigger rooms, no motion sickness, room service, and a mini fridge.

Who hates the tiny rooms on a cruise ship? I definitely do! I felt like we were sleeping in a closet. At the all-inclusive resort our room was huge! We had a small walk out balcony with a beach view, a king size bed, a huge bathroom, and a stocked mini fridge. Not to mention, you don’t have to worry about feeling like your bed is moving like when you are on a cruise ship.

And yes, the mini fridge is also included in your package! The mini fridge is fully stocked at all times with beer, soda and water. We also had a coffee pot and 4 different types of tea in our room. We were in heaven!

At one point my husband asked the housekeeper how to get more beer for the fridge. She stopped what she was doing and returned with a 6 pack of Dos Equis. And did I mention the free 24-hour room service?



  1. The best housekeeping ever.

I have never been this satisfied with the housekeeping anywhere I have stayed. On a cruise ship they do the creative towel sculptures, but they do it at all-inclusives too.

It was when I noticed that they organized everything we had left on the table, and everything on the bathroom sink that I was impressed. They neatly laid down a towel on the bathroom sink and strategically organized my husband’s shaving utensils and my makeup.



  1. The most relaxing vacation I’ve ever had.

7 days at Iberostar Cancun’s all-inclusive resort was the most relaxing vacation I have ever had, hands down. I never felt rushed, overwhelmed, or worried about how much my bill was going to be at the end. The staff did everything they could to make sure all of the guests were comfortable, everything was spotless in every inch of the resort, and you were made to feel welcome everywhere you went.


To view the rest of my photos from Cancun go to my Flickr album here.

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5 thoughts on “10 Reasons All-Inclusive Resorts Are Better Than Cruises

  1. I’ve never been on a cruise, but have been to an all inclusive, and I agree 100% with you! All inclusive is definitely the way to go.

    My husband and I each have a stuffed animal that we travel with, and at our all inclusive, the housekeepers would make towel sculptures and include our stuffed animals in the arrangement or would creatively arrange our animals reading a book or something. It was hilarious!

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