Yarn Is For More Than Knitting – Yarn Wreath DIY

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I went through a period where I was obsessed with my knitting loom. I was constantly making hats and scarves. Then one day I started to get bored with it and put it in the closet with my stash of yarn.


Shortly after moving into our house my husband and I decided to redo our half bathroom. We thought for sure that deciding on a paint color would cause an argument. However, we were very wrong. We are both huge Ohio State and Cincinnati Reds fans. So of course we picked red. It’s a tiny room, so we figured the red wouldn’t be too much.

I immediately started thinking of something that I could hang on the wall wasn’t too big and would stand out from the red while fitting the theme, and keeping it from looking like a “man’s bathroom.” Because of course, this would become my bathroom for doing my hair and makeup.

I decided on making a small wreath for the wall using my left over yarn and a few pieces of felt.

You will need:

Styrofoam Circle

I started by marking on the wreath where I would put my colors so it would be even on each side.

Then I wrapped yarn around the circle and used pins to keep the ends in place by sticking them through the yarn and into the Styrofoam circle. I continued this until it was completely wrapped.

I then made felt roses by using this tutorial.

Glued the flowers to the wreath and ta-da!


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