Crafty Thrift Store Halloween Decor DIY

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Here is a cute, cheap and easy Halloween DIY.

You will need:

Jars or old clear glass cups (whatever you can find at the thrift store)

Craft Paint

Tea Lights

Paint Brush

Paint your main color then use basic shapes to finish.

Once they are dry drop in a tea light and illuminate the room.

Or you can do something like what I did with my black jar.  I painted the entire thing black and scratched the dry paint off so the light shines through on the word BOO! to go with my ghost.

This is a great holiday themed craft project to do with the kids.


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3 thoughts on “Crafty Thrift Store Halloween Decor DIY

  1. Absolutely love this definitely my style I did two items I found recently @ the thrift store so even better !! These teuned out so cute ! Thanks for stopping by Welcome Home Wednesdays. Laci @ Sequinsinthesouth


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