Be Nice To Your Skin – Easy Homemade Body Wash

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I have come to realize that I have really sensitive skin.  I love the scents at Bath and Body Works, but unfortunately I am allergic to everything but the hand soap and sanitizer.  I have had the hardest time finding a store bought body wash that I actually like and want to stick with.

I recently switched to all natural body washes, however I am still not satisfied.  The most recent brand that I tried was Jason.  Believe me when I say that this body wash does not later, AT ALL!  I loved the smell, but hated the consistency.

So I decided to start making my own for half the price, with the scent of my choice, and the perfect lather resulting in no allergic reactions.


2 Cups Pure Castile Soap
1/2 Cup Coconut Oil
1/2 Cup Honey
1tsp Vitamin E
50 drops essential oil of choice


  • Combine Castile Soap and Vitamin E.
  • Melt Coconut Oil and Honey briefly in microwave then add to Castile Soap and Vitamin E.
  • Next add essential oil until desired scent is reached.

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2 thoughts on “Be Nice To Your Skin – Easy Homemade Body Wash

    • You could try more coconut oil mixed with a little bit of cocoa butter or any thick lotion. The layers do tend to separate so you have to shake the bottle a bit before each use. The honey is really only there for it’s moisturizing and antibacterial properties. But you can get plenty of moisturization from the coconut oil and vitamin e. The lotion or cocoa butter would help to get a thicker consistency.


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