Tighten Your Skin & Banish Bacne – Firming Body Spray DIY

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Are interested in firming your skin in certain areas? 

If it’s from weight loss or aging this spray is easy to make and it really works.  Not only does it firm and tighten your skin, but it also clears back acne.

MSM Spray


12oz HOT water
1 tsp Vitamin E oil
3 tbsp MSM powder
3 tbsp Vitamin C powder

Simply mix and shake your spray bottle until the powder is dissolved.  Spritz on the desired area after showering and let it air dry.

Even though this spray works wonders I do feel the need to give a few warnings.

  1. If you apply this to your thighs after shaving your legs it will burn a little bit, but it dissipates quickly
  2. Just because it clears back acne, does not mean it will work on your face…trust me on this one.  I am 30 and I suffer from hormonal acne, I tried it on my face, because I’m at the point where I will try anything.  The results took me over two months to clear up.
  3. If you chose to ingest MSM by dissolving it in water, proceed with caution.  You need to start in small doses and work your way up.  Too much MSM at once can give you the worst stomach pain and heartburn of your life.  Once again, trust me on this one.  One trip to the doctor, 3 bottles of Nexium, and 3 weeks to fix that mistake.  Using it externally does not cause any internal discomfort.

Feel free to add essential oils for fragrance!


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One thought on “Tighten Your Skin & Banish Bacne – Firming Body Spray DIY

  1. I know this is an old post, but I tried it a few weeks ago and it burned my skin. I Googled to see what was wrong and found out that vitamin C does not absorb into your skin, it just dries on the surface. It also has a lower ph than your skin which is why it stings. I have since mixed rose water with liquid MSM and some water and that seems to be fading my scars/stretchies, as well as softening my skin, . I also take 20,000 mg of coarse flake MSM with 5,000 mg of Vitamin C powder mixed in orange juice which has worked wonders from the inside out. 🙂


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