The Make Yourself Foundation & Meet and Greet With Incubus

lastMy husband recently won us a couple of meet and greet tickets for Incubus. I must admit it was a great experience. The meet and greet was part of the Make Yourself Foundation founded by Incubus in 2003. Before this I had never heard of the foundation.  Upon winning the tickets I did a little research.

The Make Yourself Foundation is a nonprofit organization that funds other nonprofit organizations.  According to the Make Yourself Foundation website (found here),

“Together, we’ve promoted sustainability, responded to natural disasters, and supported documentaries by leveraging Incubus VIP experiences, merchandise, memorabilia and more.  Since inception, MYF has raised more than $2,000,000 and awarded grant funding to over 60 nonprofit organizations.”

The list of grants that they have funded is extensive and impressive.  I feel extremely grateful knowing that we supported an amazing organization by simply going to a concert.

The meet and greet included 3rd row seats, autographs, a photo with the band and Make Yourself Foundation merch.

Here are a few cell phone pics from our ridiculously close seats of the Deftones and Incubus concert.

Cincinnati, OH – July 25, 2015

213456firstIf you are a fan of incubus and want to support a foundation that is dedicated to helping a large array of nonprofits, I strongly recommend learning more about the Make Yourself Foundation.



2 thoughts on “The Make Yourself Foundation & Meet and Greet With Incubus

  1. We went to see them this summer here in Houston. What an amazing show!!!! It was our (then) two year old’s first concert, so we sat way in the back on the lawn, but even that far away I was blown away by how phenomenal Incubus was. I’m not sure I’d be able to behave myself if I was that close to Brandon Boyd.

    Also, I had no idea they had a foundation! Very cool!

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