Silky Smooth Body Scrub

imageWhat girl does not want silky smooth legs?  …..unless you’re into that whole “the stubble keeps my socks up” kind of thing.  My husband often calls me a hippie and my response is “I’m a hippie who showers and shaves often.”  I have also been obsessed with coconut oil for over a year now.  I use it as a hair mask, I cook with it, I put it in my coffee, I take capsules daily, I use it for skin irritations, I use it in my homemade shaving lotion, and I of course use it in this body scrub.  By combining coconut oil with all of the sugar that I have not been using since adopting healthier eating habits I get to enjoy silky smooth skin.

This body scrub will have your skin the softest it has ever been and it only has TWO ingredients.

1 cup of Coconut Oil
1/2 cup of sugar (granulated or brown)

Simply mix the two together and store in a container.  I leave my container in the shower so it is always accessible.

If you want to add a fragrance add a few drops of essential oils of your choice.

Why waste your money on expensive body scrubs that could actually dry out your skin due to all of the ingredients that you cannot pronounce.

Not only do I recommend using this on your legs, but also your under arms.  If you have under arm darkening this scrub could definitely help to restore your skin to its natural tone.  One of the main causes of under arm darkening is the build up of dead skin.

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