Picture Collage DIY

imageHere is my latest DIY project that I absolutely love!

I went to a couple of local thrift stores looking for the perfect frame and was lucky enough to stumble upon this gem for a low price of $10.  This frame is pretty big, it filled the back seat of my car.  I’m actually a big fan of Monet and if the print hadn’t been so faded I would’ve saved it.

DSC_0022I simply removed the print and the glass from the frame.  I tossed the faded print and saved the glass to use for an idea on a future project.

I then sent my husband out to the garage with a can of spray paint.

Once it was dry I measured to see how many rows of 4 x 6 prints I could fit within the frame and cut pieces of twine to fit the frame.  I then hot glued the twine to the back of the frame.

I used mini clothespins from the craft department at Meijer to attach the photos.

I can now change the photos easily whenever I feel like updating them.

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