How To Make Money Grocery Shopping!


So my break from school has flown by quickly and summer semester starts tomorrow. Even though I only have a few more semesters left, I’m only part time, and all of my courses are online…I must admit, I am definitely ready to be finished with this degree.

Anyways, since I mostly do posts about food that is within a low carb diet I decided to do a bit of a different blog post this week. I have told a few people about various apps that I use to make a little bit of extra money by simply going grocery shopping. However, it seems as though every time we start talking about it, we get interrupted and never manage to finish the conversation. I’m not making a ton of money from these apps, but every little bit helps. It really depends on how much shopping you do, products that you buy, and what deals are available on the apps. The number one thing to using these apps is remembering to scan your receipts and redeem your rewards. I, myself, have forgotten a few times and missed out. But, by remembering to use them every week I have redeemed a few Amazon gift cards, Starbucks gift cards, and Target gift cards.

So here is the rundown of apps that I use with links for you to download them:

rh_logo The first app is Receipt Hog and by far the simplest one to use. All you have to do is take a picture of your receipt and you earn coins based on how much you spend. The app conducts survey’s based on the types of items that you buy and occasionally asks you to answer a few questions about a shopping trip or product for extra coins. As your coins accumulate you qualify for amazon gift cards or PayPal deposits. You can submit receipts from grocery stores, department stores, beauty stores and pretty much any store that isn’t a gas station or restaurant.

unnamedThe next app is ibotta. They have different offers every week. You answer a question or watch a 10 second video to unlock the offer, scan the barcode on the item to make sure it matches, then take a picture of your receipt and you earn the cash. You have to reach a $10 minimum before you can cash out. They offer rewards from a long list of locations ranging from grocery stores to restaurants and department stores.

Logo_Checkout51_primary1Next is Checkout51. All you need to do it select the available offer and submit a picture of your receipt. You have to reach a minimum of $20 in rewards before you can cash out. Their offer list is not very long, but they offer rewards on specific name brand items and also generic items such as tomatoes and bananas.

findnsave_logoNext is Find&Save. I am still new to using this app myself, but enjoy the fact that all of the weekly ads from local stores are directly in the app. They also tell you about deals in stores in your area and occasionally have what is called “cash dash” deals. A cash dash deal that I have seen recently was for $5 back if you submitted a receipt from Wal-Mart where you spent at least $35.

Bv56e0XIEAMc_cM.png largeSnap by Groupon is another new app that I recently discovered that is very similar to Checkout51. The list of available rewards is not super long, but in my opinion, money is money so there is nothing wrong with checking the list every week to see if I can redeem a reward. And as someone who is a fan of Groupon I couldn’t pass it up.

gift-card-grannyGift Card Granny is beneficial when it comes to gift giving. This app is a super search engine for finding gift cards that you can buy at a discount or even sell a gift card that you do not plan on using. For example, I was planning a trip to Victoria Secret to do a little splurge shopping. I found a $50 gift card for $45. $5 of instant savings! You can get mobile gift cards, e-gift cards or plastic gift cards mailed to your home.

indexSlickDeals is an app that my husband found and we have recently become addicted to. This app shows you various deals in your area as well as online deals. It is almost like eBay for department stores where people share coupon codes or links to stores with great deals on certain items. For example, my husband and I bought a $50 Pyrex set for $20 from Macy’s online with in store pick up thanks to slickdeals. In that same week we found a coupon code for StubHub and bought a parking pass and 2 tickets to a Major League Baseball game for only $5 total! (Parking alone is normally $20)

120801104109916The next app that I have to share is not for saving money for grocery shopping, but for making money by managing your health. This app is called Mango Health. You can put in a medication reminder, reminders to take your blood pressure, drink water or record your weight. You earn points by remembering to take your medication daily (even if it is only your daily vitamins) and by taking care of yourself. The more points you earn, the higher your rewards. You can earn Target gift cards or donate money to a charity.

1426539657698Speaking of charity…here is by far my favorite app of all. Charity Miles, this app will not make you money, but it will donate to a charity of your choice from their list. Examples of available charities include Wounded Warrior Project, Stand Up To Cancer, ASPCA, and Autism Speaks with many more in the list.  If you run, walk or bike then this app is for you! All you need to do is select a charity, the type of exercise you are doing and let it run while you are on your walk/run/bike. The amount of money that is donated to the charity is based on the length of your walk/run/bike. Not only is it fulfilling to know that you are donating to those in need, but it is also motivation to keep you moving.

Do you have other apps that you use to make, save or donate money?  Please share them with me in a comment! Also, if you have any questions about using any of these apps please feel free to ask.  All of these apps are available on iPhone and Android.


2 thoughts on “How To Make Money Grocery Shopping!

  1. WOW – I didn’t realize there were so many apps like this. I currently use Ibotta, and love it, but I can tell I need to step up my game and start using a few more. Thanks for all the suggestions!


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