DIY Spice Rack – Quick & Easy

So with all of my new gluten free baking and keto recipes, my spice cabinet has gotten out of hand!


Every time I open the door, something falls out.  I have even been startled by a glass container falling out of the cabinet and shattering on my ceramic tile floor.  After vacuuming sugar and glass covering my kitchen floor and hoping I didn’t miss anything that my dog would get a hold of, I decided it was time to do something about it.  However, due to lack of cabinet space, I needed something to hang on the small amount of available wall space between my stove and fridge.  After failing to find something affordable I decided to just build something.  1 trip to JoAnn Fabric’s and 1 trip to Home Depot equaling $20 total and I had everything that I needed.

DSC_1145These 3 crates were $15 total at JoAnn’s.  I used Gorilla Wood Glue to glue them together.

DSC_1157Then I sent my husband out to the garage with a can of spray paint and had him hang it with a few sturdy drywall anchors as soon as it was dry.

DSC_1141I bought a couple of rolls of colorful tape and marked the end of every container so everything could be found easily.  My cabinet is no longer a “Falling Spices Hazard”


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